VEMS21 Session Presentations

Sessions with available presentations will have a clickable title.

A-1 & F-3: Virginia Beach FRC & FAC Response to May 31 Active Shooter

A-2 & G-3: Let's Prepare the Community - A Deep Dive into NYC Emergency Management's Community Emergency Planning Toolkit

A-3 & C-3: Commanding the Chaos on the Interstate 64 Queens Creek Bridge

B-1 & I-2: After the Crime: Ensuring Victim-Centered Services After Trauma

B-2: Cyber Risks to Transportation, Water and Power Systems and How to Secure Them

B-3: Incident Command at Active Violence Events: Voices from the Field

Monday Lunch & Learn: Leadership in Crisis - When Your Own People Are Affected 

EM Partners - Diamond Sponsor - 10 minute presentation

Tuesday Lunch & Learn: What Now? What's Next? 

Catalyst - Gold Sponsor - 10 minute presentation

C-1: Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Program: Leveraging Economic Development Partnerships

C-2 & H-1: Review of the 2020 Hurricane Season and National Weather Service Product Changes for the Future

D-1: Emergency Preparedness for the Disability and Aging Population

D-2: Leading Your Organization Through Change- Crisis Leadership in COVID-19

D-3: Damage Assessment and Recovery Best Practices

E-1: Building Partnerships for Long-Term Recovery

E-2: The Virginia Emergency Support Team

E-3: No One Left Behind: Planning Considerations for Vulnerable Populations

F-1: Social Mediology: Decoding Social Media Strategy and Maximizing Public Safety Benefits

F-2: State Managed Shelters - Hurricane Florence - The Right Call - Successful FEMA Arbitration

Mackay Communications, Satellite Solutions - Silver Sponsor - 5 minute presentation

G-1: Investigating Social Vulnerability Analysis and Implementation in Emergency Management

G-2: The Increasing Flood Threat in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Handout

H-1: Post-Disaster Recovery: Tips From the Field You Won't Find in a  FEMA Manual

H-2 & I-3: Safety and Tactical Lessons Learned from the Monument Ave I Rally

Thursday Lunch & Learn: COVID Response

I-1: Transportation Adaptations for Evacuation and Sheltering During COVID-19

J-1: Public Private Partnerships: What have we learned from COVID and how can these partnerships make us more resilient?

J-2: Dams, Emergency Plans, & Disasters 

J-3: 2-1-1 VIRGINIA: Your Partner Before, During, and After a Disaster

Thursday Closing: 1/6 US Capitol Response: Locally Executed, Regionally Coordinated