From the Desk of your VEMA President... 

I am so pleased to serve as VEMA President. To say that I am humbled by this opportunity is an understatement. Being elected by colleagues, peers, and mentors into this role is very exciting but also equally as daunting. I am very grateful to have an awesome and very engaged executive team this year. We have agreed that over the course of the next year, we are going to focus on adding value to the association through providing support, connection, collaboration, and development across all levels of the organization. Working with the full board of directors, our overarching goals this year are to:

  1. Increase committee engagement and activity.
  2. Promote business continuity and succession.
  3. Establish best practices to ensure an integrated effort to provide development and engagement opportunities for members.

The executive leadership team is committed to leading from the front and being engaged in all aspects of the association. We want to be visible, accessible, and support everyone who is devoting precious time to the betterment of VEMA and our profession overall. 

I want to thank you all for your dedication, time, and commitment to making VEMA a respected, influential, and transformative collective of professionals. Your time is precious, and it means so much when you choose to spend your time supporting VEMA.  Without you, there would be no “we”. 

Thank you! 

Jessica Robison, MBA, PEM (Virginia)