From the Desk of your VEMA President... 

We are only about 5 weeks away from VEMS! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to see everyone and for all the amazing programs and activities lined up. Your VEMS committee has worked so hard to ensure that everyone has a meaningful and fun experience!  

VEMS is not an easy event to just pull together no matter how many years the event has taken place. It takes many hands and even more hours to ensure that the symposium provides attendees with a superior level of learning, networking, fun, and recognition while also creating an opportunity to generate association revenues through sponsorships and vendors. We have had committees working on everything from the systematic selection of programs, to the silent auction, to the audio-visual logistics, and everything you can think of in between. 

As we get closer to the big week, I wanted to provide a few things to keep in mind:  

  • All attendees are expected to adhere to the VEMA Code of Ethics.  We want everyone to have a good time while we are all together, keeping in mind that we are a professional organization.
  • What questions do you have about being involved with VEMA next year? VEMS is the best time to ask one of our officers about what the association needs are and how you can be involved!
  • Feedback is welcome about the event. We welcome you to submit honest, constructive feedback about your experience at symposium.  We also encourage any suggested solutions attendees may have so that we can continue to improve year over year.  So that the feedback and suggestions can be properly recorded and reviewed, we ask that the feedback is submitted either through the post event survey or via email to [email protected]. Our officers and committee members always appreciate feedback, but it is difficult to keep track of ideas, suggestions, and comments when they are given to us in passing during the event. The officers and committee members are so busy working to keep the event running smoothly, we don’t want to forget or make anyone feel as though we are too busy to listen. 

Jess Robison, President