Dear Colleagues and Friends:                     

As I begin my first term as the VEMA President, I would like to thank each member of the Association for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to Emergency Management while at work, at home, and in your communities.  I would also like to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our Association.

It is my desire for Emergency Management to continue the growth that it has experienced over the past several years. We must continue building upon the foundation that has been established for Emergency Management in the Commonwealth, while much has been accomplished, there is much more to accomplish. This is an exciting time to be part of Emergency Management in the Commonwealth and will provide exciting opportunities for our Association.

My main goal this year is for our Association to continue to be the recognized Emergency Management experts in the Commonwealth, by promoting the profession and ensuring we are at the table in shaping the future of Emergency Management and Homeland Security in the Commonwealth. We must continue to promote the profession, and in doing so we have a responsibility to ensure that all levels of Emergency Management are funded at a level that will allow for all programs to meet the ever-changing landscape and threats that threaten the Commonwealth daily.

This year I ask for the commitment of all members to help grow VEMA by reaching out to those in our profession and asking them to join us in our journey.  

Other initiatives for this year include:

  • Expanding VEMA membership by no less than 10%, to include healthcare and private sectors.
  • Building stronger relationships with our state agencies especially, VDEM, VDH, and VDOT.
  • Developing an on-line submittal process for certifications.
  • Increasing our presence in the Commonwealth through the legislative process.
  • Continue to grow our student chapters at our institutes of higher education.
  • Expanding services to our membership.

I want each member to feel that our Board and Committee Members are available to you. We are here for you and we want to make sure that your experience as a member is positive. I encourage your input, ideas, and suggestions as to how we may better serve and best represent our organization and the emergency management community we serve.


Robert Foresman
VEMA President 2019