The Virginia Emergency Management Association (VEMA) Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) Caucus was established in March 2012. The Caucus was created to provide opportunities for public and private college/university emergency management (EM) professionals to be involved in VEMA, gain support from other EM professionals working in localities/jurisdictions across the Commonwealth of Virginia, and serve as a forum to advocate for change to State legislative requirements placed on colleges/universities. Comprised of four (4) peer-elected officers, the Caucus Board of Directors is charged with providing executive leadership for EM professionals at colleges/universities throughout the Commonwealth. 

Mission: The mission of the VEMA IHE Caucus is to collaboratively support the growth and sustainment of high-quality emergency management programming for Institutions of Higher Education within the Commonwealth of Virginia through advocacy, information sharing, and professional development. 

Vision: The VEMA IHE Caucus strives to be the premiere collaborative organization supporting and advocating for emergency management at institutions of higher education within the Commonwealth of Virginia.



Peter McCann

Radford University


Jared Hoernig

Old Dominion University


Tracie Giles

Longwood University


Matt Majid

Virginia Commonwealth University

Elected Board Representative



Immediate Past Chair









To contact the IHE Caucus Board, please email [email protected].

IHE Caucus Basecamp: https://3.basecamp.com/3951568/projects