VEMS19 Session Presentations

GS-2: Emergency Management in the World Today

GS-3:  When Terror Came to Town - Emergency Management Before, During, and After the San Bernardino Terror Attack

A-1:    Tiny But Mighty: How Small Emergency Manager Staff Can Lead Large Agencies

A-2:     Integrating Southern Baptist Disaster Relief into any Disaster Response

A-3:     Public Private Partnerships

A-4:      NC Response to Hurricane Florence

A-5:     Mental Health Considerations in High Stress Occupations

B-1:    The Creative Emergency Manager: Innovation and Design Thinking

B-2:    Integrating Healthcare and Local Preparedness

B-3:    Before and After: A Discussion of How Collaboration, Coordination, and Training Can Make a Difference

B-4:    PODS: An Innovative Approach for Multiple Outcomes

B-5:    North Carolina BEOC - Creating a More Disaster Resilient State

GS-4:  Preparing and Responding to the Catastrophic

GS-5:  Inclusive Emergency Planning for People with Disabilities: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

GS-6:  Long Term Recovery Ain’t Easy

C-1:    The “New” Individual in Disaster

C-2:    Integrating Volunteers into EOC/ICS Strike Team

C-3:    Student/Faculty Collaborations in Higher Education Exercise Design

C-4:     Developing Local Family Assistance Center (FAC) Plans Through Collaboration: An Integrated Planning Model

C-5:     Hawaiian EMAC: How Do You Implement Recovery When Response Has No End in Sight?

D-1:    Unified Command at Active Threat Incidents; Myths and Realities

D-2:    Legal Concerns

D-3:    VDEM Town Hall

D-4:    National Weather Service (NWS) Town Hall

D-5:    Hurricane Michael EMAC

GS-7:  Cybersecurity 101 - Threats, Roles, Tools

GS-8:  NFPA 3000 & Emergency Management Leading the “Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response”

GS-9: Which Avenger Would Make the Best Emergency Manager?

GS-10: 2019 Community Emergency Based Response Seminar