VEMS17 Session Presentations

All available presentations have been posted.


GS-2:   The Criticality of Virginia’s Dams and Harnessing Technology to Provide Situational Awareness

GS-3:   Hurricane Matthew - Virginia Beach and Their “Rain Event” 

A-1:     Virginia Department of Emergency Management Division Reviews and Grants Overview

A-2:      Verizon Wireless - “Emergency Response Capabilities & Preparedness” 

A-3:      Disaster Behavioral Health Resources in the Commonwealth,Green Cross Academy of Traumatology, and Norfolk CSB 

A-4:      The Butterfly Effect: How Small Changes Improve the Big Picture 

A-5:      Legal Concerns

B-1:      Emergency Management in Higher Education - What does that really mean?

B-2:      A Successful Six Pack 

B-3:      Cleared for Take-off: The Future of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Emergency Response 

B-4:      February 2016 Tornado Response and Recovery 

B-5:      Development of a Regional Interim Shelter Plan & Regional Interim Shelter Plan document

GS-4:   Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Overview - Public Health and Healthcare

GS-5:   Orlando Pulse Nightclub 

GS-6:   Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region III and Virginia - Policy, Program, & Issues Update

C-1:      Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Town Hall / Overview & Intro 

C-2:      Developing a Situational Awareness System for Virginia 

C-3:      The Storm Has Passed... Now What? 

C-4:      Alerting + Data = ? Leveraging Partnerships to Improve Mass Notification Policies 

C-5:      Facing the Challenge of Developing a Local Family Assistance Center (FAC) Plan 

D-1:      National Weather Service (NWS) Town Hall 

D-2:      Communication Challenges and Fairfax Public Alert - Supporting Documents & Training Drill Starter Kit

D-3:      Your American Red Cross 

D-4:      The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Grant Program (Stafford Act) for State Agencies & Colleges, What You Need to Know

D-5:      Partnership with Volunteers After Disaster 

GS-7    Legislative Update

GS-8:   Transportation Family Assistance Operations - National Transportation Safety Bureau (NTSB) & Amtrak Panel Discussion 

GS-9:   First Responder Stress Psychology